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As markets move and regulations change, alternative asset managers need to remain at the forefront of issues. Our Business Consulting group hosts the regular morning conference series "On the Horizons", where key industry experts discuss vanguard topics specifically affecting alternative asset managers.

Past list of events and upcoming topics*:

  • Tax and accounting issues impacting alternative asset managers
  • Year-end business and compensation trends for alternative asset managers
  • Cybersecurity preparedness, combating today's threats
  • 2016 Regulatory and Enforcement Focus: How legislation, enforcement actions, and investor trends are impacting alternative asset managers
  • Alternative Investing Through Private Placement Life Insurance and Variable Annuities (February)
  • Regulatory Capital: Navigating changes in bank capital and liquidity management (March)
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Compliance Roundtable: Managing Anti-Corruption Risks (April)

*Future events are subject to change

Please email Krystin Ryan for more information on the events.

Business Consulting White Papers

Below are summaries taken from our various specialized events and monthly morning conference series.

About the Business Consulting group:
The Business Consulting group, part of Wells Fargo Prime Services, delivers subject matter expertise for alternative asset managers including: business development (from launch to franchise management), best practices, peer analysis and benchmarking, and thought leadership. We help fund managers focus on their day-to-day investment objectives and improve the efficiency of their operations. By leveraging our knowledge of industry service providers we facilitate key introductions and discussions to achieve the right operational fit for our customers' business. We offer subject matter expertise across the full spectrum of hedge fund operations including formation and structure, strategic growth, trading workflows, and technology platforms.

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